Sun Tracker believes life is better on the water!

Sun Tracker is a professional and experienced watersports rental company specializing in Jet Ski tour in Dubai. We are on the mission to carry our passion to those who want to enjoy the best beach life in Dubai and explore water Ski in Dubai. Our goal is to offer our customers the best quality services that will become a huge addition to their memories.

If you are looking for the best Jet Ski offers in Dubai, get in touch with us and we’ll get you all set up.


  • Experience for Dubai Marina Jetski

Sun Tracker has the most qualified instructors around. We have trained many customers between the 15-70 ages to fly over the water in 10 minutes or less. To make the Jet Skiing process seamless and smooth, our trainers have mastered the techniques with the experience.

  • Safety we ensure for Jet Ski tour in Dubai

All of our instructors and trainers first go through a CPR/First Aid course to attain the board licensee. They follow all the safety precautions and are trained for any emergency situation.

  • Customer Services

For Sun Tracker, customer satisfaction and support are quite important. Therefore, all our team


Dubai Jet Ski is one of the best adventures, and this is why we have done thorough research on these water games. With the mutual efforts of our team, we are offering reliable and safe services to each customer.

    Quality Facilities to Customers

    Quality Equipment

    Experienced and Professional Flyboard and Jet Ski Instructors

Our efforts and dedication has made us the #1 choice for customers interested in Jet Ski for rent in Dubai.