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Life is better when you are Jet Skiing!


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Life is better when you are Jet Skiing! Sun Tracker offers some of the most powerful watercraft models famous for their amazing Jet skiing experience. Yamaha and Kawasaki are the best names in the world of the Jet Ski. Therefore, to do justice with your waterboarding experience, we offer high-quality models to provide you with an unbeatable experience in Dubai.

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Providing Jet Ski For A Perfect

Dubai Jet Ski is one of the best adventures, and this is why we have done thorough research on these water games. With the mutual efforts of our team, we are offering reliable and safe services to each customer.

Our efforts and dedication has made us the #1 choice for customers interested in Jet Ski for rent in Dubai.

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Quality Service

We believe in providing quality service. Regardless of which jetski package you choose, we promise to deliver one-of-a-kind water sports that you have never experienced before.

Unique Experience

We welcome you with a multiethnic team that knows more than five languages and is ready to service you and your specific needs, guaranteeing that your luxury jet ski experience is truly unique.

Training Instructors

Our passion for water sports and years of expertise in the area has prompted us to form an onboard team of trained instructors with the necessary training and knowledge to teach how to safely operate powerful jet skis.

Prime Location

Our jet ski rental in Dubai is positioned at Sheikh Zayed Rd, one of the most popular tourist attractions. Afterward a jet ski session, you can have a variety of leisure activities.


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3 Best Places to Jet Ski in Dubai

Are You An Adventure Seeker, Or Just Someone Looking To Find A Bit Of Adrenaline Rush In Dubai? The Amazing Architectural Background And Swift Movement Through The Arabian Ocean Make Dubai One Of The Best Places To Jet Ski In The World. If You’re Having Thoughts On Where To Jet Ski In Dubai Then Carry On Reading As We Take A Look At The Best Places To Jet Ski In Dubai.

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Route of Jets Going

louky Bijed
louky Bijed
Safe jetskiing experience if you are going with family. I have done jet skiing many times and this was the safest service right on the marina harbour.
Layali Fanoos
Layali Fanoos
Hands down thee best jet ski rentals in Dubai and the best prices. Don’t even worry about searching elsewhere. they Take you out and let’s you run wild in front of an amazing backdrop. action shots of you riding. Highly recommend don’t miss out.
Hamad Merdas
Hamad Merdas
Nice experience and new jet-skies
Fibonaci Flowers
Fibonaci Flowers
Highly professional and friendly renter of Jet Skis. I started from Dubai Marina, went around the palm past Atlantis and onto the Burj and back. you can go at any place you like, he guides you to maintain safety but otherwise accommodates your wishes as needed. Also takes cool photos and videos. Thanks sun tracker Jetski! Look forward to using you again in the future.
Mohammad Abdoli
Mohammad Abdoli
we booked on Saturday and tried their jet skis are so safe , I was always afraid to try but I saw on their Instagram their brand is Yamaha and I booked . highly recommended.
More Professional
More Professional
It was a scary experience ( my first ride ever). The staff is kind. The trip to Burj Al Arab was awesome. Recommended if u need a Jet ski trip. The team was very professional and easy to get along with. they made the whole experience great and I would recommend them to my family and friends
Zhr Mz
Zhr Mz
We have found them on Instagram and saw their jetskis so good long time wanted to go and when we visited them saw they have same jetski qualities. Very price wise
zahra musavi
zahra musavi
the best part that I loved about sun trackers is their jet skis which are different compared to other jet ski rentals which are using old and low-quality brand jet skis. their price is so impressive. thank u
zahra musavi
zahra musavi
We rent jet skis regularly but this time rented from sun tracker and everything was so good . From the quality of jet skis to staffs . Thank u sun tracker .
Noah Krug
Noah Krug
Sehr sehr netter Jetski verleih !!! Fairer preis und super netter Guid, der einen begleitet sowie Bilder macht. Vielen Dank